2024 ICOR

16-th International Conference

on Operation Research


Habana (Cuba), March 5 - March 8,  2024

Organized by

Universidad de La Habana

Université Paris 1




Sociedad Cubana de Matemática y Computación

Asociación Cubana de Investigación Operacional

Asociación Latinoamericana de Investigación Operativa

Aims of the Workshop

The ICOR promotes the exchange of experiences about applications of OR and com­puting issues for the management of big data analysis for the sustainable socio-economic development and human welfare. We foster contributions on theoretical results on mathematical methods, management of  big data and business intelligence related to human health, environment and regional development. Experiences on OR education, for strengthening capabilities in the application and cross-fertilization between different topics of the conference, are welcome.

We invite researchers to organize special sessions devoted to one specific topics or to the application of different approaches to a particular problem.

The conference covers contributions on

  • Artificial Intelligence and Decision Making
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biomathematics
  • Big data
  • Block chain
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cryptography Applications
  • Management Sciences
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Multicriteria Decision Making
  • Numerical Analyses
  • Optimization
  • Operations Research Applications
  • Operations Research Education
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Transport and Logistics

Organizing Committee

Wilfredo Morales Lezca (Dean, Facultad de Matemática y Computación), Celia González González, Yanet Genry Pérez Díaz.

Program Committee

S. Allende  [Chair, Havana], Y. Almeida [Havana], A. Alonso Ayuso [Madrid], D. Aussel [Perpignan], M.L. Baguer [Havana], J.M. Bardet [Paris 1], C. Bouza [Havana], G. Bouza [Havana], A. Celisse [Paris 1],  M. Cottrell [Chair, Paris 1], J. Cochran [Alabama], A. Fernández [Havana], J. Daduna [Berlin], J. F. García [Villa Hermosa], A. Gutterman [Moscow], C. Hardouin, [Paris Ouest Nanterre], D. Haughton [Boston], R. Kalid [Bahía], L.R. Keller [Los Angeles], A. Marrero [Havana], J. Miranda [Santiago de Chile], R. Miranda [Cienfuegos], G. Mohlenberg [Hasselt], M. Olteanu [Paris-Dauphine], B. Oviedo [Quevedo], L. M. Plà [Lleida], A. Ruiz [Havana], J. Rynkiewicz [Paris 1], R. Stolletz [Mannheim], Ch. Tammer [Halle], J.Tejada [Madrid], L. Sandoval [Puebla], J. M. Sautto [Acapulco], V. Sistachs [Havana], J.L. Verdegay [Granada],  B. A. Wickström [Budapest].

Submission of Abstracts and Papers

People from scientific institutions as well as from practice, who are interested in presenting their research results in the conference, have to submit an abstract (only in English language) of about 250 words (to appear in the Abstract Booklet) and an Extended Abstract (3 - 5 pages) to be published in a digital Conference Proceeding.

Reviewed versions of full papers presented at the conference could be submitted  to the journal Investigación Operacional with no additional cost.

Detailed information about Abstract and Extended Abstracts formats is available at the end of this announcement.

The abstract structure can be uploaded here

Important Dates



  • Deadlines for abstracts:  January 15, 2024     
  • Information about acceptance of the presentation: February 10, 2024
  • Deadline for early bird payment: December 31, 2023
  • Deadline for regular bird payment:  March 4, 2024


NEW ! PROGRAM to download

Plenary conferences

  • A criterion for estimating the largest linear homoscedastic zone in Gaussian data, Jean-Marc Bardet, SAMM, Université Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Aeronautic Data Analysis Use Case in Safran Aircraft Engines. Application of doctoral research for new turbofan programs,  Jérôme Lacaille, Safran Aircraft Engines, France
  • Clustering probability distributions using the Fisher-Rao metric, Alice Le-Brigant, SAMM, Université Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Metastability for large systems of interacting neurons, Eva Löcherbach, SAMM, Université Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Optimisation and competition in information diffusion, Juan Tejada, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
  • Decision aid for the social good: humanitarian logistics, Begoña Vitoriano, Presidente de la sociedad española de IO, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain

General Information

Prof. Dr. Sira Allende Alonso 

Fac.Matemática y Computación

Universidad de la Habana, Cuba



Prof. Dr. Marie Cottrell 


Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France


Conference Fees



Foreign Participants



Face to face

On line

Early bird payment

(until December 31, 2023)



Professional Participants

250 usd

80 usd

Students contributor

120 usd

50 usd

Students no contributor

60 usd

30 usd

Regular payment (January 1-March 4, 2024)

Professional Participants

300 usd

100 usd

Students contributors

150 usd

50 usd

Students  no contributors

80 usd

40 usd

On desk payment (March 5-March 8)

Professional Participants

340 usd

120 usd

Students contributors

200 usd

70 usd

Students no contributors

100 usd

50 usd

Accompanying persons payment

80 usd




Cuban Participants

Early bird payment

(until December 31, 2023)

Face to face

Professional Participants

2000 CUP

Regular payment (January 1-March 4, 2024)

Professional Participants

2500 CUP

On desk payment (March 5-March 8

Professional Participants

3000 CUP



Fill  the registration form (PDF - 95Ko) and send it as an attachment to

sira@matcom.uh.cu             or     marie.cottrell@univ-paris1.fr


You may contact    eventos.fuh@gmail.com for paying the registration. The person in charge is Gabriela Méndez Crespo (DESAI, UH)